The interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies has been the voice of the lighting industry since 1953. NALMCO has been on the cutting edge of technological advances and best practices in the lighting industry, offering opportunities to members for networking, certification and referrals.


The Professional Lighting and Sign Management Association was founded in 2001 with the mission to create a better option for customers seeking national lighting and sign management services. Today, the PLASMA network enables customers access to the best lighting and sign management companies across the USA and Canada.

High-Benefit NLB

The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) exists to create demand for High-Benefit Lighting®— efficient lighting designed to optimize human performance, health, safety, and commerce — by educating those who make and influence decisions about lighting.

Elite Certified Contractor

Imperial Lighting is a preferred installer for many manufacturers. One of those is LSI Industries, a U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting products.