Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Your Parking Lot

By August 6, 2019 Parking Lot

Energy Savings

LED Lighting uses up to 75% less energy than conventional lighting systems, while also generating higher quality light. The average wattages for LED parking lot lights range from 65 to 400 watts, while HID lights (traditionally found in parking lots) range from 400 to 1000 watts. This could result in thousands of dollars in savings in electricity costs alone by converting to LED. Additional savings can be realized by using lighting controls, which integrate seamlessly into LED fixtures.

By converting to parking lot LED light fixtures, it could result in thousands of dollars in savings in electricity costs alone for your organization. Additional savings can be realized by using lighting controls, which integrate seamlessly into LED fixtures.

At Imperial Lighting, we recognize that, although there are many factors that go into choosing on updating the lighting for parking facilities, energy savings and lower costs are two of the largest reasons. So, if you are seeking more information on energy savings or ways to save through utility rebates, we have our Guide to LED Lighting Rebates by State & Other Energy Efficient Savings that is useful for businesses.

A brightly-lit entrance/exit of a parking garage

Lower Maintenance Costs

Energy efficient LED light fixtures have a long lifespan due to the way they are designed. Output decreases very gradually over time, meaning that you would not have to change your parking lot lights for several years.

Meanwhile, fuel source lighting such as HID fixtures lose their functionality and brightness much more rapidly, requiring higher maintenance and equipment costs with more frequent replacements needed.

Even if your organization’s parking garage or parking lot light fixtures are LED, it is necessary to maintain the health of said fixtures. With lighting solution professionals like those at Imperial Lighting, you can be assured that your lights will have a long-lasting, effective lifespan.

Energy management is crucial to the health of light fixtures in addition to the financial health of organizations and the facilities they are in. If you are looking for more tips and information, take a look at our Three Advantages of Energy Management & Utility Control Systems article.


Not only do better performing LED lights reduce energy and maintenance costs, but they provide better visibility for drivers and patrons. A dim or poorly lit parking lot or parking garage can lead to accidents and injuries that could be avoided with better lighting.

Through the use of replacing older lighting (like metal halide light fixtures) with LED, even the change in the light color and appearance can be effective in shining brighter within a larger surface area. By changing the breadth of area that light fixtures reach, especially during the time from dusk to dawn, those in the parking lot or garage will likely feel safer knowing that the area is brighter, regardless of time of day.

A dimly-lit parking garage with minimal light fixtures

Fewer Fixtures

Because of the higher brightness levels and longer shelf life of LED lighting, you may need fewer light fixtures than if you were to use conventional lights. In addition, LED lights are designed to distribute light more evenly, so they can be spaced out more throughout the parking lot — potentially requiring less fixtures overall and thus more cost savings.

A Solution for All Your Lighting Needs

Looking for inspiration on your replacement LED parking lot lights? Imperial Lighting has many LED light replacement projects that have seen all of these aforementioned benefits come to life, from a Parking Lot Light LED Conversion and a Municipal Parking Garage LED Light Fixtures Conversion to a Chicago-Area Parking Garage LED Upgrade.

Imperial Lighting Maintenance can help replace halogen, HID, and incandescent parking lot lighting with energy-efficient and high-quality LEDs to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. We will customize solutions based on the unique needs of your parking lot including number of fixtures, brightness, and occupancy and dimming controls, while also ensuring a safe environment.

Contact Imperial Lighting today for a free parking lot lighting audit.