A Guide to LED Lighting Rebates by State & Other Energy Efficient Savings

By November 3, 2021 LED, News

Over the past ten years as renewable energies have emerged and energy-consuming products have gradually been put to better use, the government and energy companies have implemented incentives in the form of tax credits and other financial savings to encourage residents and business owners to make more energy efficient choices in their homes and businesses.

These programs have become a popular incentive for businesses owners, particularly those with large commercial facilities, to seek upgrades where they stand to save the most on overhead costs and even write off some of those costs at the end of the year. These energy efficient upgrades have become almost commonplace in one such area: lighting.

By investing in LED lighting rebate programs, businesses often receive energy tax credits between 10% and 30%, which can sometimes be rolled over into multiple years. Read on to find out more about the types of savings offered across the country for businesses that upgrade to an energy-efficient lighting solution.

What is a Lighting Rebate?

In general terms, a rebate is a partial refund to a person or organization that has paid too much money in taxes, rent, or on a utility bill. Rebates can involve anything from car accessories to household tools, and they’re a great way to receive money at the end of the year for the products that you use everyday.

As it relates to utility incentive programs for commercial settings, LED & lighting rebates allow consumers to save money on lamps or fixtures  that achieve a certain level of energy efficiency and can even offset some of the costs of a major upgrade. Many utility companies, like ComEd, as well as state and local governments offer these programs, and it’s important to be informed of the rebate opportunities in your state so your company can make the most of energy efficiency to make an impact on the environment and your bottom line.

Product Discounts & Lighting Service Savings

Tax rebates and write offs are not the only way businesses can save on energy efficient upgrades. Some small business owners and facility managers may choose to receive energy incentives through discounts on energy-efficient products instead of taking advantage of a tax credit.

In this case, the service provider, like Imperial Lighting, would submit an invoice on behalf of the customer’s project and deduct the savings from project costs. Customers still receive an incentive for their energy efficient project, but the ability to apply through the service provider could alleviate some confusion on the client’s end.

Energy and LED Lighting Rebates in Illinois

In Illinois, electricity and energy companies such as ComEd, Mid American, and Illinois Municipal Electric Agency look to further improve the state’s energy and electricity consumption through comprehensive rebates and energy incentives in the form of tax credits and write-offs.

ComEd offers one of the most well-known government lighting rebate programs in Illinois. In addition to rebates on energy efficient LEDs, the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program also offers ways to save money on replacements and retrofits, street lighting, lighting sensors and controls. Submitting a project with the Energy Efficiency Program can be done online, and contractors and service providers can follow along with their application’s process until they receive their incentive payment.

What’s more, ComEd created incentive programs like Made in Illinois that give businesses a 10% incentive for using Illinois-made products in their facilities. Business owners can, again, submit an application online or via email and obtain business affidavits to apply for savings using the BuildingClean.org site to find contact information for a certain product’s manufacturer.

LED Lighting Rebates by State

State by state, LED lighting rebates are consistently seen as having a profound impact on decreasing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency. Although LED lighting rebates vary by state, local governments, as well as local energy and utility companies, provide them.

In residential and commercial settings across the country but especially in states such as Massachusetts and New Hampshire, replacement bulbs, such as LEDs, are a popular item to use for energy tax credits. From Florida to Colorado and Idaho to Minnesota, retrofits are also a way that commercial consumers use LED rebates and energy tax credits to their advantage.


US Region
Entity or Organization Name
Type of Incentive
East Coast ConEdison Financial
Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction Financial
PACE Massachusetts Financing Financial
Business Energy Investment Tax Credit Financial
Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit Financial
Midwest ComEd Energy Efficient Program for Businesses Retrofits & Replacements
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency Rebate Program
Illinois PACE Financing Program Rebate Program
Columbia Gas of Ohio Rebate Program
Citizens Gas Financial
Waseca Utilities Financial
Northern Plains EC Loan Program
South Texas-New Mexico Power Company Rebate Program
Duke Energy Florida Financial
Florida Public Utility Rebate Program
SCE&G Commercial EnergyWise Program Rebate Program
Georgia Power Commercial Energy Rebate Program Rebate Program
West/West Coast Efficiency Works Business Rebate Program Rebate Program
Energy Trust of Oregon Public Benefits Fund
State Energy Efficient Design Program Policy
SMUD – Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Rebate Program
SoCalGas – Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs Rebate Program
Seattle City Light – Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs Rebate Program


Lighting Rebate Programs & Product Discounts With Imperial Lighting

Imperial Lighting is certified to provide support for our customers, both private and public entities, to take full advantage of local utility incentive programs. This includes conducting commercial energy and lighting audits that meet utility specifications, completing utility-required paperwork to process the incentives, and helping to facilitate utility site inspections when required.

When a business contacts Imperial Lighting with a prospective lighting upgrade project, we will explore the options for utility incentives as part of our audit and proposal process. If there is a specific lighting rebate program you would like us to utilize, we can research the program and determine how Imperial Lighting can help process the rebates or incentives as part of our services.

Contact Imperial Lighting to learn more about these programs and how we can help realize additional savings on energy-efficient lighting upgrade projects.