LED Lighting Savings – Reducing Costs and Maximizing Incentives

By August 20, 2019 LED

Upgrading your facility’s lighting to LED can offer a number of savings opportunities for your business, from energy costs of the lighting to project savings using government and/or utility incentives.

And whether it is a retrofit for a Chicago office space like what Imperial Lighting has done in the past, or an exterior upgrade in the form of a parking lot light LED conversion project, LED lights can help save both money and energy.

Is your building looking at ways to incorporate cost savings with LED lights into your financial annual budget? We look at a few ways at how integrating LED incentives can enhance your space, aesthetically, as well as monetarily through reduced lighting costs.

Interior of an office building with gray futon-like chairs with high sides, along with commercial track lighting and light fixtures that hang

Energy Savings

The top commercial LED lights for an office or warehouse use up to 75% less energy than traditional lamps, which quickly repays the money invested in new LEDs. This could result in thousands of dollars saved on lighting your office or warehouse over the life of the lamps or fixtures.

Additionally — and seen as an added benefit with reducing lighting costs — LED lights use less energy producing heat, allowing them to reduce the stress on your HVAC system, particularly in the summer.

Lower Maintenance Costs

LED lights can last about 35-50 times longer than traditional lamps, generally lasting 50,000-100,000 hours. Their longer lifespan helps save money by reducing the frequency of lamp replacement, along with its labor and equipment costs. 

Furthermore, because LEDs are more efficient and brighter while also better at distributing light, fewer fixtures may be required to light your commercial or warehouse space.

Energy Rebates

The federal government and several local municipalities offer incentives and rebates for upgrading to LED lighting, which help cover some of the cost of installing the new lighting. Imperial Lighting works to customize projects that allow you to claim your maximum commercial LED incentives, and assists in the process and paperwork required to obtain them. 

Looking for more detailed information on the different United States regions and which energy companies have lighting rebates? We have such a lighting rebate guide for you to look into, which includes LED lighting rebates by state and other energy efficient savings programs to know about. To find policies and potential incentives near you, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency website.

Utility Incentives

In order to meet energy saving goals, utility companies such as ComEd frequently offer financial incentives to upgrade and/or retrofit existing lighting to energy-saving LEDs. These savings can often cover up to 40% of the total project cost. Imperial Lighting is certified to provide support for our customers to take full advantage of local utility incentives.

Our process begins with a free lighting audit that meets utility specifications before we help with completing the required paperwork to process the incentives, along with facilitating utility site inspections as needed.

LED bulb in the background with three data points of why LED light fixtures help in reducing costs and maximize incentives for an LED upgrade

Contact Imperial Lighting today to upgrade to LED lighting and see how you can capitalize on maximum savings.