Our Work: Imperial Lighting Projects

Imperial Lighting performs many different types of services across a wide spectrum of industries, including hospital lighting project management with an end-to-end process and parking lot lighting upgrades. 

As a family-founded, owned, and operated business for 50 years, we pride ourselves on offering the best solutions tailored to our individual customers’ needs. 

Is your business interested in understanding what our project management and implementation for the commercial lighting industry looks like? 

Here you will find several examples of projects we have completed, and how our work has significantly improved our clients’ facilities while also saving energy.

Are you seeking a partner in your commercial lighting needs? With Imperial, projects will be as seamless as you can imagine. Reach out to us to get a conversation going on what type of lighting projects you would like to engage with us on.

Parking Lot Light LED Conversion

Municipal Parking Garage LED Light Fixtures Conversion

Chicago Office LED Retrofit

Chicago-Area Parking Garage LED Upgrade

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