Parking Garage LED Light Fixture Conversion | Evanston, IL

By July 21, 2020 LED, Parking Lot
Image of parking garage after led light fixture upgrade


Image of parking garage before led light fixture upgrade


Imperial Lighting recently performed a full LED (lighting upgrade) fixture replacement in a parking structure for an Evanston senior living community. The facility management staff worked with Imperial Lighting to help solve several issues they were having with their parking garage: safety concerns for their employees and elderly residents due to low light levels and poor visibility; increasing maintenance costs due to frequent outages; and high energy costs from their inefficient lighting. After fully assessing and auditing the facility’s lighting, Imperial Lighting determined that installing parking garage LED light fixtures would make the most impact and be the most cost-effective solution to these problems.

Imperial Lighting replaced the garage’s 100W Metal Halide fixtures with 42W LED parking garage luminaries, and the T8 wall fixtures with 40W LED strip fixtures. This represented a total fixture wattage reduction of 8,975 watts and 78,621 annual kilowatt hours reduced. Since the garage lighting is operating on a 24/7 basis, the LED upgrade alone resulted in an annual energy savings of $7,862.10, in addition to significantly increased maintenance savings (estimated at $2,500 annually) and greatly improved light levels.

Image of parking garage ramp before led light fixture upgrade


Image of parking garage ramp after led light fixture upgrade


The customer also realized additional project savings from a local utility incentive that Imperial Lighting helped them to process. By adding these savings to the project costs, the customer’s return on investment for the upgrade was less than 2.5 years.

Residents and staff at the facility were thrilled with the new look of the parking structure and reported feeling safer when accessing their cars. Management was also pleased with the ease of the conversion process as Imperial Lighting was able to quickly install the new parking garage LED light fixtures with minimal disruption to the garage’s daily operation.

Parking garages are ideal opportunities for LED lighting upgrades, given the amount of time the lighting is operational (often 24 hours a day) and the need for high, uniform light levels for visibility and safety. These projects have the ability to generate significant energy savings and quick investment returns for any customer.

Contact Imperial Lighting today to schedule a parking garage lighting audit and learn how you can upgrade the look and safety of your facility while saving energy.