Parking Garages & Parking Lot Commercial Lighting

Imperial Lighting can address our customers’ parking lot or parking garage lighting needs by upgrading to energy-saving LED lighting or performing maintenance on the current lighting system.

Parking Garage Lighting Upgrades

Effective parking lot and parking garage lighting is very important. It keeps drivers and individuals walking to their cars safe at night while also ridding garages of dark spots throughout the day. Parking garages and parking lots are ideal spaces for lighting upgrades given the amount of time each day they need to keep the lights operating, but finding the right lighting solution, installing it and accessing it for routine maintenance over parked cars can be difficult.

Whether your facility’s goal is to reduce annual energy costs by upgrading to an energy efficient lighting solution or automate your current lighting system with dimming and occupancy controls to shut off power when a space is not in use, Imperial Lighting can survey and audit your space to create a solution for your unique parking garage lighting needs.

Indoor parking garage lighting illuminates an exit aisle with two cars in parking spots and reflective tape on parking garage columns.
Parking garage lighting in the daytime with no cars in parking spots.

Parking Garage & Parking Lot Light Maintenance

Upgrades and lighting audits are just one some of the many capabilities of our experienced team. As part of our exterior lighting services, each Imperial Lighting truck is kept stocked with necessary materials and equipment to respond to parking garage or parking lot lighting maintenance requests, perform emergency parking lot lighting repair and more in the timeliest manner possible. We have the equipment to work around cars if necessary, while still ensuring safety for all parking occupants.

In the event of inclement weather or the need for parking garage and parking lot lighting repairs to take place at night, our team of highly skilled professionals is equipped and prepared to work in any condition. Contact us to learn more about our parking garage lighting services, and we’ll assess your facility’s unique lighting needs.

Parking Lot Light LED Conversion

Municipal Parking Garage LED Light Fixtures Conversion

Chicago-Area Parking Garage LED Upgrade

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