Parking Garage Lighting

Imperial Lighting can address our customers’ parking garage or parking lot lighting needs by upgrading to energy-saving LED lighting or performing maintenance on the current lighting system.

Parking Garage Lighting Upgrades

Parking garages and lots are ideal places for an LED upgrade, given the need for properly lit spaces and sometimes difficult maintenance access over cars. Imperial Lighting will survey a customer’s parking garages or lots and offer solutions using the most effective and efficient LED lighting fixtures for the spaces. LED lighting also offers the opportunity to install controls on the fixtures (occupancy, dimming, etc.), allowing for additional energy savings when spaces are not in use but full lighting when occupied to ensure safety.

Parking Garage Lighting Maintenance

Each Imperial Lighting truck is kept stocked with necessary materials and equipment to respond to parking garage or lot lighting maintenance requests in the timeliest manner possible. We have the equipment to work around cars if necessary, while still ensuring safety for all parking occupants.

Chicago-Area Parking Lot LED Upgrade

Municipal Parking Garage LED Conversion

Chicago-Area Parking Garage LED Upgrade

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