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Lighting Fixtures for Retail Stores

Lighting in a retail setting is a critical component in ensuring customers have a positive shopping experience. Imperial Lighting regularly performs lighting upgrades and ongoing maintenance services at retail locations across the Chicagoland area and beyond. We have the experience to ensure the stores are lit properly to look their best, and our technicians can perform the work in a manner that allows for minimal customer disruption and ensures customer safety during store hours.

Clothing store with walls lined full of hanging clothes, and some larger pieces of furniture including big dressers, as well as a wooden lounge chair with yellow chair pillows

The Importance of the Correct Retail Ceiling Lights

Why does having the correct lighting fixtures for retail stores matter to store owners? At the crux of it, commercial retail lighting is important to showcase the wares that the shop has ready for consumers to purchase. 

Think about this scenario: you head to a department store or local shop of your choosing and you walk in the front door. In your mind, what does the store look like to you? Dimly and sparingly lit, causing you to notice that the colors of the clothing aren’t popping as brightly as they should? Or, are you imagining a store that has proper retail ceiling lights, drawing attention to garments that are new to the store, especially focusing on the shop display at the front door? 

With Imperial Lighting, we’ve seen success after success with retail stores upgrading their light fixtures to be energy efficient to enhance the customer experience.

Partnering with a Commercial Retail Lighting Company

Why should you partner with a company like Imperial? We’ve invested in the commercial lighting industry, and succeeded within it, for over 50 years, including in the retail lighting sector. Every person who works on your partnership identifies the needs you are requiring, and focuses on meeting them, and exceeding them.

Interested in starting a partnership with Imperial Lighting on a commercial retail lighting project? Contact us today by filling out the form on our contact page or call us at 773-794-1150!

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