Commercial Lighting Solutions and Services

Imperial Lighting performs a wide variety of lighting services across multiple industries. Our technicians have countless years of experience and resources to address all our customers’ lighting needs and offer the best solutions.

If you are in need of business lighting solutions, whether for exterior lighting or interior lighting projects, Imperial Lighting has the expertise to understand what is needed in an efficient and budget-friendly manner.

After our founding in 1973, Imperial has taken commercial lighting solutions and services to heart by looking to the future and facilitating partnerships that stretch across decades. Our business partnerships have allowed for organizations to utilize Imperial Lighting’s many services with everything they’d expect: respect, timeliness, professionalism, and quality.

Spanning from commercial office light upgrades to light pole repair and parking lot light LED conversions to office LED retrofits and everything in between, inquire about and contact us regarding our many industrial, commercial, and business lighting solutions that we can provide.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting Upgrades
Interior Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Sign Maintenance & Upgrades
Emergency & Exit Lighting

Additional Services

Advanced Lighting Controls
LED Maintenance
Utility Incentives
National Accounts
Lamp Disposal & Recycling
Chandelier Cleaning
Holiday Lighting
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