Commercial Chandelier Cleaners

Imperial Lighting, as part of our work to maintain commercial light fixtures, performs professional chandelier cleanings in all commercial and hospitality settings. Chandeliers offer a stunning addition to lobbies, hotel ballrooms, and other public spaces. 

Over time, dust and dirt accumulates and causes the fixture to lose its luster and beauty. As part of our commercial chandelier cleaning service, our crews at Imperial Lighting intricately hand-clean each piece to perfection, restoring the chandelier’s original brilliance. 

Chandelier Cleaning Service for Commercial Settings

As part of the lighting maintenance industry, one area of focus that can get neglected involves decorative interior lighting fixtures that are hard to reach; therefore a need for commercial chandelier cleaners comes into the fold. 

For commercial buildings, there are the occasional chandelier light fixtures that are older and the lamps may need to be updated or replaced. Although chandeliers don’t necessarily use more energy than other lighting fixtures, we offer energy-saving solutions through fixture replacement and by replacing existing chandelier lamps with lower wattage LED lamps while maintaining current light levels.

For all of your commercial chandelier cleaner needs, chat with us. Do you have questions about Imperial Lighting and the services we offer? Take a look at our FAQs.

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