EV Charging Station Installation

& Maintenance Services

As electric vehicle sales increase around the United States, EV chargers have become more common in public and commercial spaces. Find out more about how you can transform your business, commercial building, or multifamily residential space into an EV-friendly building for residents, employees, and customers.

Commercial Charging Station Installation & Load Test Services

Imperial Lighting has the expertise and training to install and maintain EV chargers in most commercial facilities, provided the site has the necessary electrical infrastructure already in place. We begin our EV charger installation process with a load study to ensure the facility can handle the additional electrical load.

If new infrastructure is not needed we will run power from the electrical panel to wherever the chargers are placed. If additional infrastructure is required, we have partner companies we work with to seamlessly handle that process and to ensure the EV chargers are installed in the ideal location on the property.

Front of a blue car with an electric vehicle charger plugged into it in the background.
White car plugged into a commercial ev charging station outside in a parking lot.

EV Charging Station Maintenance & Repair

Once we complete the EV charging station installation process, we can run routine maintenance on your building’s charging station. Routine EV charging station maintenance allows our team to inspect and assess any needs for repairs to prevent downtime. We can also schedule service for EV charging stations on an on-demand basis should issues arise. To learn more about commercial EV charging station installation and maintenance with Imperial Lighting, call our helpful experts today and schedule an appointment to evaluate your space.

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