Crane Truck Services

Light poles are an important part of an exterior lighting system, and they can be impacted by age and environmental conditions. Thus, it is critical to inspect and maintain them to keep your exterior lighting operating at its optimal level.

Light Pole Removal & Maintenance

Imperial Lighting’s fleet includes aerial trucks that can hoist and lift light poles in parking lots, streets, and building exteriors. All of our trucks have craning capability for poles up to 250 pounds, and we also have specialty equipment to handle heavier poles upon request.

Crane Truck Services Capabilities

In addition to light pole removal and installation, Imperial Lighting’s crane truck services also include emergency services, repairs, replacements, and light pole maintenance. See our full list of crane truck services here.

  • Removal of damaged, leaning or fallen poles
  • Emergency service for pole damage, including capping power for safety
  • Light pole replacement of older poles with new models; can also include new light fixture
  • Routine light pole inspections to ensure structural integrity, including replacement as needed
  • Light pole maintenance, including repairs and painting
Imperial Lighting crane truck for light pole removal and lighting inspections

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