Commercial Energy Management Solutions

Commercial energy management solutions for buildings are an effective way to decrease overhead costs and ensure automated systems in large-scale, commercial facilities are optimizing energy use. Find out why Imperial Lighting is the go-to resource for energy management solutions and building automation in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Managing Energy Use & Building Automation

Energy management and building automation systems are quickly becoming the standard in building operations to help owners realize greater energy savings and operational efficiency. Using a network of wireless controls, they allow management to regulate, monitor and maintain lighting, HVAC and many other building systems from a centralized remote location

Imperial Lighting is fully certified to install and maintain these systems. Our crews have experience with the major system manufacturers, and we have detailed knowledge of the warranty and repair process.

Two Imperial Lighting technicians inspect a commercial energy management system
Imperial Lighting technician performs repairs on a building automation system in Chicago, Il

Energy Management System (EMS) Service Capabilities

Imperial Lighting commercial energy management solutions can involve a number of services that help  keep energy use efficient for commercial facilities. Imperial Lighting’s expert services include:

  • Install and connect each light fixture, switch, and HVAC unit onto remote monitoring system
  • Install and connect modem to communicate to centralized network
  • Perform system monitoring for maintenance and efficiency issues
  • Inspect systems that are designed for commercial energy management solutions and repair issues as needed
  • Recommission and/or decommission systems

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