Energy Efficient Lighting

& LED Lighting Upgrades

Lighting is an extremely effective and efficient way to reduce energy costs. The options for retrofitting and upgrading lighting with LED components and fixtures have significantly evolved, and Imperial Lighting’s services for LED lighting in the Chicago area offer customers more savings opportunities than ever.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Cost effective and energy-saving alternatives exist for both fluorescent and HID lighting that can greatly improve interior and exterior lighting systems. Energy efficient lighting solutions are a simple way for customers to quickly recoup their initial investment with energy costs saved, while significantly upgrading the quality of their lighting.

Unsure of where to begin or which energy efficient lighting solution is right for your space? Let Imperial Lighting’s team of professionals perform a lighting audit to help you get started.

Office suite and conference room with light hardwood floors and white walls illuminated by led lighting.
LED lighting upgrade for exterior lights pictured against light blue background.

LED Lighting Upgrades

For both fluorescent and non-fluorescent lighting (including halogen, HID, and incandescent lamps), there are many affordable high-quality LED lighting upgrades and replacements that can offer significant energy savings. In addition, these longer-life LED fixtures provide extensive maintenance savings for customers.

In addition to lighting upgrades and replacements, Imperial also offers LED lighting maintenance and LED light repair throughout the Chicago area and beyond. Find out more about our full services and contact our expert team today.

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