Exterior Lighting

Imperial Lighting’s aerial ladder trucks can reach up to 60 feet to service exterior commercial or industrial lighting for our customers throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond. These trucks allow our technicians to upgrade and/or repair lights in parking lots, building exteriors, canopies, gas stations, and more.

Exterior Lighting Solutions

Exterior lighting offers an excellent opportunity for customers to upgrade to LED fixtures, given the extent of time the lights stay on, the potential harsh weather conditions, and the need for high-quality lighting to ensure safety for employees and customers. Imperial Lighting’s expert technicians will survey a customer’s outdoor lighting environment and offer solutions using the most effective and efficient lighting fixtures for the environment, allowing them to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Each Imperial Lighting truck is stocked with necessary materials and equipment to respond to commercial or industrial exterior lighting maintenance requests in the timeliest manner possible. Typical maintenance repairs include lamp and ballast replacement, electrical component repairs, and exterior controls adjustment. We can also set up preventative maintenance programs to inspect and repair exterior lighting on a routine basis.

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