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Over the years, Imperial Lighting technicians have distinguished themselves from other commercial holiday lighting companies, installing millions of holiday lights across the Chicagoland area and offering competitive “all-in-one” pricing that includes installation, materials, and string light removal after the holiday season ends.

In addition to our “all-in-one” commercial holiday lighting services, Imperial Lighting can also install LED holiday lights to help retailers and other commercial businesses save on energy costs and get the most out of their holiday lights display. Our LED holiday lighting services are unique among holiday lighting companies and continue to place Imperial Lighting at the top of the list when it comes to commercial lighting solutions.

Holiday messaging on the lit up Chicago Theater marquee sign
Snowy image of the original Chicago Water Tower with snow falling down and a Christmas tree in the foreground

LED Advanced Holiday Lighting for Commercial Purposes

Whether you’re looking to install commercial outdoor Christmas lights in time for your Secret Santa party at the office, or your organization is looking for a holiday light solution that is effective at getting across the spirit of the holiday season and is cost efficient, contact Imperial Lighting. 

Like all of our other projects that our technicians and lighting experts work on, Imperial Lighting’s commercial holiday lighting service is no different when it comes to the care and consideration that is put into the work. Because holiday light solution projects are limited in time frame, our lighting experts ensure that whatever lighting is used, (for instance, if a project uses LED advanced holiday lighting), will bring as much twinkle and spirit as possible.

Reach out to us by calling, emailing, or filling out the form to get more information on using Imperial Lighting for your commercial holiday lighting project needs. Looking for other exterior commercial lighting project solutions that need to be met? Imperial Lighting has the expertise and experience you need for your next project.

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