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From performing a full lighting audit and upgrade to addressing lighting outages on demand, Imperial Lighting’s interior lighting services help our clients achieve and maintain the best interior lighting for commercial spaces.

Interior Lighting Services & Upgrades

Commercial, office, and retail spaces can benefit greatly from energy efficient lighting solutions like LED lighting upgrades and retrofitting. In addition to energy and maintenance savings, the improved quality of lighting provides a better, more productive environment for employees and customers alike.

Imperial Lighting has the experience and resources to perform commercial interior lighting services from full lighting audits to cost-saving upgrades. Imperial can help find the most effective and efficient interior lighting solution for every commercial environment, and install the lighting in a way that is least disruptive to ongoing business.

Electrician's hand reaching into fluorescent interior lighting fixture to perform maintenance.
Commercial retail display with mannequins, clothing racks, and a large sculptural interior lighting fixture in the ceiling framed with warm recessed lighting.

Commercial Interior Lighting Maintenance

All Imperial Lighting service trucks are well-stocked with a variety of lighting materials and maintenance equipment to offer prompt and reliable service for interior lighting in any setting – from an office suite to a large retail chain or industrial distribution center.

Imperial Lighting can implement a routine preventative interior lighting maintenance program for our customers, where our technicians perform a lighting inspection of a facility on a pre-determined scheduled basis (such as monthly or quarterly) and repair all outages that are present at that time including emergency lighting.

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