The Commercial Chandelier Cleaning Process

By September 24, 2019 Chandelier Cleaning

Chandeliers have evolved into complex and ornate decorations that are a staple in any upscale lobby, ballroom, or hotel. While there is a seemingly infinite number of designs, they all mostly rely on the same cleaning process. Here’s how Imperial Lighting cleans large commercial chandelier light fixtures.


First, we make sure to gather all of the necessary equipment, which include:

  • Ladders, scaffolding, or lifts as needed
  • lint-free cloths
  • a specialized cleaning solution that ensures no part of the chandelier will rust, streak, or stain and that will also dry quickly as to not attract dust

For complex fixtures we will often either make a diagram of how the chandelier is put together or take pictures in order to properly put everything back in place after cleaning.

Finally, we make sure that the power to the chandelier’s lights is turned off for safety purposes

Cleaning Process

Each individual glass or crystal piece is cleaned separately, which in most cases involves taking the entire chandelier down and separating it piece by piece. Then we meticulously wipe down every piece of the chandelier with our specialized cleaning solution and reassemble the chandelier exactly as it was before we started cleaning.  We also replace the chandelier lighting if needed, and often use lower wattage LED lamps to save energy while maintaining current light levels.

Given this complex process and the high risk of damage, using a professional experienced team of technicians like those at Imperial Lighting is recommended for cleaning these large commercial chandeliers. Contact Imperial Lighting today for a commercial chandelier cleaning quote.